The format of the Specialties draws heavily on the WebQuest concept developed by Bernie Dodge and Tom March of San Diego State University.  WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Links to four webquests on related topics that were developed by others are provided below.

Mars or the Moon?
Concept: Argue the benefits of colonizing and developing tourism on the Moon versus Mars.

Human Life on Mars... What's it like?
Concept: Use cooperative learning to investigate human colonization of Mars.

Star Broker
Concept: Research a constellation and write a real estate brochure advertising it to the public.

Poetry and the Planets
Concept: Create a poem that uses metaphor and simile to describe the appearance of planetary surfaces.

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