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NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center: The mission of the GSFC is to expand knowledge of the Earth and its environment, the solar system and the universe through observations from space. It conducts research in the space and Earth science disciplines using measurements from space complemented by suborbital, ground-based and laboratory measurements and by theoretical investigations and develops and operates a broad spectrum of flight missions. The funding for Moon, Mars, and ISS was obtained from the GSFC.

Meadowbrook Middle School:Meadowbrook is an energetic and nurturing middle school where young adolescents are valued and respected. It prides itself on combing academics with extra-curriculum activities, of which there are many to choose from. Built in 1964, it is the oldest of the five middle schools in the Poway Unified School District. It has an enrollment of ~ 1500 students. Meadowbrook has received many awards and honors, including California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

TRIO Outreach Programs at UCSD: The TRIO Outreach Programs cater to high achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Moon, Mars, and ISS will be delivered during a five-week residential summer camp that will take place between June 27, 05 and July 29, 05. The 10th grade students will be participating (~ 50 students). Moon, Mars, and ISS will cover the same material as at Meadowbrook, but there are a number of differences: (1) The materials will be adapted to more mature students; (2) There will be 3 times the instruction time (twenty 135 minute blocks) which will allow a significant number of additional activities; (3) There will be a couple of field trips (San Diego Aerospace Museum and General Atomics) as well as an activity in which students build and launch rockets. The rocket activity will be facilitated by the San Diego Aerospace Museum.  The Program will culminate with an exhibit of all student work at the Escondido Children’s Museum. The TRIO’s curriculum will be posted in mid June.

DLESE (Digital Library for Earth System Education): DLESE is a collection of electronic educational materials for both teachers and students and includes lesson plans, on-line courses, assessments, maps, images, data sets, etc. DLESE was sponsored by NSF and is a community effort; Scientists, teachers, and the general public are encouraged to contribute material. DLESE has many educational materials that were designed to meet content standards for Earth Sciences. One of the more important goals of Moon, Mars, and ISS is to develop and make available through DLESE high quality digital resources for student and teacher use.

The San Diego Aerospace Museum: The San Diego Aerospace Museum is one of the top five aviation and space museums in the nation. It has a number of impressive space exhibits including a model of the International Space Station. The Aerospace Museum also offers many classes as well as a portable space display. The Gillespie Field Annex in El Cajon includes an airplane hanger, restoration shop, and holds educational activities for the East County and El Cajon School Districts. Select Meadowbrook student final projects will be exhibited at the Aerospace Museum.

Escondido Children's Museum (ECM): The ECM is located in the California Center for the Arts in downtown Escondido. It has a strong emphasis on earth sciences and provides a stimulating environment for children to learn and play. In addition to displays, it also offers many hands-on activities, classes, and camps. The final projects of the UCSD TRIO students will be exhibited at the ECM and select displays will become part of the permanent collection.

San Diego County Office of Education: The San Diego County Office of Education works with the San Diego School Districts to improve the quality of public education.



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