In Moon, Mars, and ISS you will learn about space and together with your Space Flight Center plan a manned mission to the ISS, Moon, or Mars. The Program consists of 10 blocks and each block consists of two Activities. In the first 2 blocks (Activates 1-4) you will be introduced to space, divide into teams, and select specializations. In the 3rd block (Activity 5) you will start working on your Specialization. The Specializations have 4 parts, each of which deals with another aspect of the Specialization. You will be working on your specialization 4 times in class. Obviously, if you want to get good at it, you will have to read up at home too. During blocks 3-9 (Activities 5-18) you will also be doing experiments and watching videos and DVDs on various aspects of space exploration. Presentation of the final projects will take place during the 10th block. There is also a “spare” block in which your teachers can do other activities.

All student handouts will be available under the corresponding Activity. If you cannot find your homework assignment or want to take a look at a handout that you used in class, just click on the applicable Activity. You will be able to view the handouts on the web and also print them out. If you do not know the number of the Activity, you might want to check under Teacher/Handouts and schedule.

Moon, Mars, and ISS is a 10 block Program. Each block consists of two Activities, for a total of 20 Activities.




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