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DLESE is a Digital Library for Earth System Education. It is a collection of electronic educational materials for both teachers and students and includes lesson plans, on-line courses, assessments, maps, images, data sets, etc. DLESE was sponsored by NSF and is a community effort; Scientists, teachers, and the general public are encouraged to contribute material. DLESE has many educational materials that were designed to meet content standards for Earth Sciences.

Although there is a lot of information on the web and all of DLESE's resources are readily accessible through the web, the DLESE resources are carefully screened and cataloged. Hence they are of high quality and it is easier to find a resource that will fulfill a specific content standard.

In order to be able to check out Moon, Mars, and ISS, the entire program is posted on a single website. This includes, in addition to the e-learning modules, lecture notes, instructions for demonstrations and experiments, worksheets, and everything else that a teacher will need to independently execute the program. After Program conclusion it will be made available to DLESE for integration into their library.


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