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Affiliated Organizations

: Nu-Trek is a California Corporation and Nu-Edu is a Division of Nu-Trek. Nu-Trek specializes in radiation detectors and radiation sources. The detectors are used for defense, scientific, and space applications. Key areas of activity include Nuclear Event Detectors (NEDs), GaAs photoconductive detectors (PCDs), pulsed radiation sources, and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

San Diego State University -Department of Educational Technology: The Educational Technology Department (EDTEC) is part of the College of Education. The mission statement of the EDTEC is to serve as a model for appropriate and innovative ways to use technology to support cost-effective, high quality educational activities and programs. It has been a leader in distance education and offers an on-line Masters degree in Educational Technology. Dr. Donn Ritchie has been the Department Chair for the last 4 years and developed the first distance-learning course in 1997.

Fisk University, Materials Science and Applications Group: Fisk University is a historically Black University located in Nashville Tennessee. The Materials Science and Applications Group is involved in the crystal growth of electronic materials that are the basis for radiation detectors and optical crystals that are useful for infrared lasers. Applications include medicine, biophotonics, astrophysics, remote sensing, nuclear nonproliferation, homeland security, and aviation safety. Dr. Arnold Burger, Director of the Materials Science and Applications Group is a world expert in CZT crystal technology and has a number of collaborative efforts with the Marshall Space Flight Center. In Phase II we expect to expand Moon, Mars, and ISS to Tennessee and students will have the opportunity to visit and work in the Materials Science and Applications Laboratory.

UCSD California Space Grant Consortium: (CaSGC) The CaSGC is one of 52 consortia that administer programs in three areas of university and NASA concern: research, education & workforce development, and public outreach. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is the lead institution for the CaSGC. The CaSGC is part of the California Space Institute (CalSpace) at UCSD and provides the administrative leadership for the CaSGC.

San Diego Science Alliance: The San Diego Science Alliance is a non-profit consortium of leaders from business, K-12 education, higher education and scientific institutions in San Diego County, and is committed to enhancing science literacy in K-12 education. The Science Alliance fulfills its mission by networking among organizations in the consortium, connecting needed resources with K-12 educators, and initiating, conducting, and supporting K-12 science education programs for San Diego County students and teachers.


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